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Customs Clearance

Using our direct in-house link to Customs & Excise, we can clear your freight and bring it straight to your door.

Groupage Shipping & Transport offers corporate and private clients a specialised service in Customs Clearance.

We can advise you regarding Customs Clearance procedures, Tarif Codes, VAT & Duty implications and help ensure your consignments clear Customs swiftly and efficiently. We pride ourselves in offering our customers a unique and efficient service and take away the headache of Customs' procedures. We complete the paperwork, and we get things processed - fast.

  • Import Clearance
  • VAT & Duty Calculated
  • Full Declaration Direct to Customer
  • Export Declarations
  • Arrange Import of Goods from Outside the EU
  • Avail of our own deferment facility


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Calculating VAT & Duty



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